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I just had a wonderful morning singing and improvising with John and Janey at their workshop in Bridport. it was very inspiring, they are really good at setting up structures to allow for freedom of expression, it was fun and informative, lots to explore in a safe, relaxed way. not to be missed.

Frances Fleming

Last week I took myself by the hand and found the courage to participate in a circle singing workshop led by Janey and John. 

I have struggled with singing and my voice most of my life, and whilst I can now hold a part in a choir, allowing sound to come through on its own and in front of others was a challenge for me. 

I so valued being given permission to both share my vulnerability, to take things at my own pace and to step back when I felt it was all too much.

I loved co-creating sound and singing with others and especially the healing at the end, in which I finally let go and allowed my voice to fly! 
A big thank you, I will definitely come again.

I just wanted to say what a fab afternoon that was….not only did i do stuff on the day (adlib call and response) that I have never been brave enough to do before, but then, the next day i also wasn’t too shy to sing a poem! (at a small meeting.)  what a wonderfully empowering thing it is to find one’s voice!  Thanks so much, it was lovely on so many levels and the sound bath at the end was amazing.

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